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How to cope in the midst of Challenges - Part II

October 23, 2017

In last week's blog we reviewed some definitions reasons why we cannot always cope in a positive way.  Additionally  I also provided you with a way to challenge your thoughts to help turn around negative thinking.  Today we will focus on three other exercises to help you to cope when feeling challenged.


Practicing Gratitude:


The benefit of gratitude is that it cultivates a sense of openness, appreciation, and kindness. Clients will also choose to journal their thoughts of gratitude in the morning or at the end of a busy day.  Others have used this practice in the midst of a very challenging moment as a means to ground them.  I would encourage you to find the BEST time for you.  What may work for your friend, may work differently for you.  Examples of basic daily gratitude are:

  • Roof over your head

  • Sunlight

  • Running water

  • Food to eat

  • Smiling

  • Light bulb

  • Health

  • Your five senses

  • Bed to sleep in





Take the Stress Pause:

Pausing can do wonders for our mental health - especially in moments of high stress.  Try this acronym to help you take a stress pause. 



S - Stand: Slow the pace by standing in place and taking two or three nice deep belly breaths


T – Tune-In: Scan your body identifying the points of tension. Breathe that tension out


O – Observe: Focus on your surroundings.  Take note of at least 3 unique or pleasant things. 


P – Possibility: You have just gone off of auto pilot and are now free to pick a different direction.


Visualize The Calm:


Draw from your own history: Is there something or someone from your past that has helped you to find peace or calm?  Draw on that memory.

For 3 minutes visualize one or more of the following:
Favorite color
Favorite song
Favorite wise person
Favorite quote
Favorite animal

 All of my troubles wash away in the water *Unknown


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N.B. This is part 2 of a multi part series to help you learn varies strategies to cope better with challenges as they arise. Please come back to visit! 

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