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Specialty in Solid Organ Transplant 

Are you or someone you know and love waiting for their second chance?  Are you contemplating if transplant is the right decision for you? Are you feeling overwhelmed, yet excited by the thought of living your life free of machines?  


How could I help you?

  • Recognition of the importance of identifying your role in the decision making process alongside acknowledging that transplant is not for everyone.

  • Mindful of the need for good therapeutic intervention to assist with the feeling arising pre and post transplant

  • Addressing important risk factors to improve overall long term success of transplant

  • Awareness of the need for tangible, emotional and informational support

  • Conscious of the unique adherence issues related to a disease that are only partially resolved by transplant

  • Beliefs about health, wellness and the future often seem to impact decision making pre and post transplant

  • Familiar with factors that would interfere with successful adaptation to life post transplant and develop a plan for managing them using available resources

  • Affirm for you how depression and anxiety are directly related to chronic disease.  Despite the negative consequence the identification and management of these illness' are for the most part not adequately treated in conjunction with your physical needs. 

  • Acute awareness of physical discomfort, loss of previous lifestyle and potential change in social role, financial stress and / or uncertain future.

Benefits of working with a therapist who is familiar with transplant:

  • You will feel less lonely, isolated or judged

  • You will gain a sense of empowerment

  • Improve your coping skills and sense of adjustment

  • Able to speak openly and honestly about feelings

  • Reduce stress, depression, anxiety and fatigue

What forms of intervention will be used:

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) - combines learning to decrease negative, self defeating self talk with increasing healthy behaviors

  • Marital / Family therapy informed by the Gottman Method of working with couples - Helpful when marital or family conflict is directly contributing to depression or when the your depression and / or anxiety is affecting relationships

  • Identify and / or develop stress management techniques

  • Identification of social support that will form your support pre and post transplant

  • Medication - if clinically indicated and no active contraindications; many are safe in patients with pre and post transplant

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